Thank you again Manon. Thanks to your great taste and the wise choices you made, I think the value of my house has increased. I only have positive comments!
G. Laporte, Aylmer
I'd like to thank you for the home staging work you did in our home which rapidly bore fruit thanks to the painstakingly defined details. You have greatly surpassed our expectations and I am very satisfied with your work. I won't hesitate to work with you again when the time to decorate my next house comes.
O. Jolicoeur, St-Hubert
The service is quick, tasteful and very respectful. We have greatly appreciated your kindness, your professionalism and especially the good advice you gave us.
F. Guenette, Laval
I didn’t even know what home staging was. After a week of small tasks and $2,500 in total investments, I sold my house myself in two weeks and got $20,000 more than my asking price. I would not hesitate to recommend home staging to anyone who wants to sell their home quickly.
N.Loiselle, Châteauguay
Ms. Tessier revamped my house in one day. With an investment of less than $80 in decorations and a few hours of packing on our part, she transformed our residence into a model home. When we came home that evening, it looked like a new home, it was so beautiful, open and inviting. We sold in a week with a much higher profit than expected! Now I tell all my friends about home staging if they’re thinking of selling their home. I think it’s really important to stage your home before you contact a real estate agent so that it’s really attractive when the photos are taken.
M.Bournival, Montreal
When we separated, my spouse and I agreed to invest a small amount of money to make our house reflect modern tastes. We know Ms. Tessier and knew that she could help us prepare to put our home on the market. After three days of minor repairs, painting and storage, she was able to complete a magnificent one-day transformation. The place was so beautiful we thought we were in a new home! To our delight, we sold in two weeks and pocketed $18,000 more than the asking price.
G.Lachapelle, Montreal
Ms. Tessier is committed and responsible and did an amazing job on her studies. She also has a natural flair for interior decoration and an appealing personality thanks to her personal and professional qualities.
Lorraine, St-Hubert
Manon worked to create a warm and harmonious interior. Her advice allowed us to add a touch of originality and boldness while respecting our personal tastes.
G.Lavoie and A.Durand, Châteauguay
Our objectives were met while respecting our budget … Ms. Tessier (Decodesign) honest, available, generous and creative, is someone who makes a difference
CPE A.Laurendeau, Suzanne Mainville, manager
Manon is available, efficient, versatile, professional and truly listens to what clients want, which is why I was so happy with her services. She quickly gained our confidence and our teenagers’. We are delighted with our new environment. Thank you for your patience!
Micheline Van-Erum