Let me advise you and enjoy MAXIMUM RESULTS for a MINIMUM INVESTMENT!
Home staging has been recognized and used in the United States for 30 years. The approach is new in Quebec and will revolutionize the real estate market in the coming years. HOME STAGING IS A VITAL STEP WHEN PREPARING TO SELL TO YOUR HOME!
Home staging involves preparing a property for sale BEFORE CONTACTING A REAL ESTATE AGENT, to make it more attractive and appealing to potential buyers using proven techniques.
According to statistics, a house that has been home staged sells twice as quickly and for up to 10% more. For prestige homes, this premium can go up to 20%. Time wasted selling your home costs you money. Most people decide whether a home is right for them in the first 90 seconds.
• Ambiance Creation
An ambiance created in one day to make a better impact on visitors. Preparing the home for real estate agent photos.A proposal for additional upgrades is given to clients if they decide to invest in sub-contracting work.
• Three-Step Transformation
Analysis of the property and proposed improvements that require sub-contracting in order to complete various jobs and finally create an ambiance to put on the final touches to wow a potential buyer.
• Property Analysis
Room by room evaluation of your home, followed by a written analysis describing the procedure to stage your own home.
• Clutter-removal and reorganization service
• Furniture storage
• Decorative accessories to purchase
• Furniture or decorative pieces to rent
• Preparation for visits
• Assistance at open houses
• Work supervision
• Team of professionals to carry out jobs
• Planning and decoration for your future home
During the first meeting, your property will be analyzed so we can suggest the appropriate service for you while respecting your budget.